Cinnamon Loose Leaf Tea

Cinnamon tea a combination of 100% natural Cinnamon and the best Ceylon tea.

One of the oldest known spices, cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka where it thrives in the hot moist climate. Cinnamon is naturally sweet with a delightfully spicy fragrance due to the essential oils found in its bark. To create our Sweet Cinnamon tea we've combined the finest Cinnamon and teas from Sri Lanka. The resulting tea is a spicy delight with an irresistible aroma that will entice people in the next room to come in and ask you what you're drinking. Sweet Cinnamon tea makes a great after dinner beverage and goes well with fruit and pastries. Brew a big pot and the wonderful aroma will make your home seem warmer on even the chilliest night.

Hot Tea Brewing Method

  • Use Filtered water or spring water that is not too heavy
  • Boil one cup of water (212 Fahrenheit) in a clean pot
  • Add one or two pieces of natural Cinnamon Bark depending on your taste together with 1 table spoon of Loose leaf Black Tea and steep for five minutes
  • Experiment with these methods to find your perfect cup of pure Ceylon tea

Iced Tea Brewing Method (make 1 liter/quart):

Place 6 teaspoons of tea together with the natural cinnamon into a teapot or heat resistant pitcher. Pour 1 1/4 cups of freshly boiled water over the tea. Steep for 5 minutes. Quarter fill a serving pitcher with cold water. Pour the tea into your serving pitcher straining the tea leaves. Add ice and top-up the pitcher with cold water. Garnish and sweeten to taste.

Our Cinnamon Teas are shipped worldwide through FedEx or DHL to reach you within 3 - 7 days from order. You could use our Cinnamon Tea for up to two years from purchase.