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White Tea - the least processed tea in the world delivered to you straight from Ceylon

White Tea could now be enjoyed in a convenient pyramid shaped tea bag. Experience the freshness of our premium White Teas in an innovative transparent pyramid tea bag, which offers the richness of loose leaf with the convenience of a tea bag. Our pyramid tea bag works just like a mini pot.

We deliver White Tea to your doorstep, within days of harvest pure and straight from Ceylon.





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Our Innovative Pyramid shaped tea bags offer

  • A large area for the White Tea leaves to expand as they are infused.
  • The special mesh allows water to easily circulate around and penetrate the White Tea leaves, thus optimizing extraction of aroma and flavor.
  • One serving of White Tea can be brewed over five times.Just keep pouring hot water after you finish drinking each cup. With each steep another element of the flavor could be enjoyed

  • Enjoy premium loose tea with the convenience of a tea bag.
  • Traditional tea bag uses metal staples, which can oxidize and alter the tea flavors. Our pyramid bag uses hi-tech ultra-sound seal that allows you to enjoy the true and authentic aroma of a premium cup of tea.
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White Tea - History

According to Chinese legend, some 5,000 years ago the emperor Shen Nung was traveling the countryside. The water was foul and unfit for drinking, so he ordered it to be boiled. Suddenly the wind blew a tea leaf into his cup of hot water. The curious emperor let the leaf steep, then drank the brew. Tea was born.

White tea became revered during the Song Dynasty (960-1279). It was the choice of the royal court and was given as tribute to the emperor. White tea leaves and buds were ground into a silvery powder, which was then whisked in bowls during the Song Tea Ceremony. This was the inspiration for the famous Japanese Tea Ceremony which is practiced todate.

One Song Emperor was renowned for his love of white tea. Hui Zong (1101-1125) became so obsessed with finding the perfect tea that he lost much of his empire.

Over the next several centuries, powdered white tea and the Song Tea Ceremony were abandoned for loose-leaf tea.

White tea has come a long way in its long history. It was largely unknown outside China and the Orient until recently. Now, with a renewed interest in fine tea and remarkable discoveries about its health benefits, white tea is more popular than ever.

Introduction To White Tea

The Chinese have enjoyed white tea for over a thousand years. It has been the privilege of the rich, a gift for kings, and the downfall of an emperor. Only in the past few years has the western world become aware of and interested in white tea.

This site is to teach you all you need to know about white tea and help you better appreciate and enjoy this rare and mysterious brew.

White Tea Basics

White tea is the least processed form of tea. It consists of unopened buds and select leaves which have been simply withered and dried.

White Tea and Health

It is rare, striking in appearance, and pleasant tasting. Because of its minimal processing, white tea contains more antioxidants and other plant nutrients than black or green tea. It is the mightiest of the teas, the ultimate Health Tea.

It gets its name from the fine silvery white hairs on the unopened buds of the tea plant. The highest quality white tea consists only of these buds and is beautiful to behold.

Brewing White Tea

White tea should be brewed with very hot, but not boiling water for 2-3 minutes. The buds and leaves can be used 2-3 times before discarding. Some people prefer to steep it for a longer time, which produces a stronger taste. Experiment and decide for yourself.

White tea has a light, delicate, slightly sweet flavor that sharpens the senses without overwhelming the tongue.

Caffeine and White Tea

All true teas have caffeine in varying amounts. Black tea has the most, followed by oolong and green. White tea has the least amount. To decaffeinate your own tea, simply steep in very hot water for 1 minute, then discard the water and steep the tea as usual.

Storing White Tea

White tea should be stored in a cool, dry, dark place. A kitchen cabinet away from the stove and other heat sources is an ideal spot. Make sure it is in an airtight container to maximize its shelf life.

Finally, white tea is harder to make and harder to find. The buds and leaves can only be picked for a short time each year. There is also a smaller supply compared to black and green tea.

High quality white tea is not cheap, but the rewards are well worth it

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